Embracing Parenthood

Amanda is currently on sabbatical.

Welcome to the Journey...

Perhaps you have just looked at that test strip and saw those two lines. Now what? Or perhaps you are a seasoned veteran with a baby bouncing on your hip as you read this. Everyone deserves high-quality, respectful prenatal and postpartum care no matter where they are in their journey.

We need someone to look at us as a whole human with needs for knowledge, support, comfort, empowerment, and a gentle touch. Not just someone to tell us we are healthy after looking at our vitals.

Pregnancy is a journey to a new you. Even if you have had a baby before, you will change. You will learn things about yourself, your body, and this new life that is growing inside you.

For some, becoming a parent is a natural fit. We slide right into the new role with ease. But for so many parents, it's not that way. We struggle daily to keep up with the role that we have landed in. And that is normal. We live in a culture that provides little opportunity for experience with babies and only horror stories about birth. Few of us see the truth behind the stories and social media posts.

We are insulated from the process of growing, birthing, and caring for a person. New families are usually tucked away from the general population and want the external appearance to be as if we have it all together. To make it even more stressful, many folks may have never held a newborn until their own little one makes their entrance into the world. add in the fact that families are spread across the globe, unable to provide new parents gift of experience, you have the makings of a very rough landing

Are you lost in a sea of information about childbirth options? Not sure what the best plan for you is? Here you will find a path. We provide care, support, empowerment, and education on the process. We can help you develop plans for your birth and sort through all the (mis)-information out there. Enter into parenthood confident that you can walk the road that so many have traveled before you. Will it be rough at times? You bet. But you will know what to do.

All are welcome, no matter your journey here. Your path is honored and unique, just like your baby.